How do I choose the rightturbocharger ?

This is a question that has plagued automotive enthusiasts for years. The right turbo, for the right application, but how do you know which one is right for your application? Thanks to our wonderful partnership with Garrett Turbo we now have the ability to answer that question for you with hard data and tons of testing.


Testing. Testing. Testing. – In any good experiment you leave one variable constant and change the others. Here at AMS Performance we have done just that with our Evo IX Test Car. This allows for all of our data to be accurate and relatively comparable in order to find the perfect turbo for your intended purposes.

In Our Turbo 101 Series we discuss the topics that are most important to you. We will be covering everything from how a turbocharger works, down to how different internal components will impact different aspects of the turbos performance.

Solutions that work — Your end goal is our end goal. There is nothing more heartbreaking then a project not quite coming to fruition because of a small oversight. We are offering something brand new, a Turbo Rental Program. With this program we are hoping that we can help change the way your build your project vehicle down to the initial mock-up steps.

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